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Posted on May 4, 2010 at 6:29 AM

This is just a quick hodgepodge of photos from the last few weeks.  Hodgepodge - when was the last time you heard that word?  It is one of those words that I can put in print, but can't imagine every speaking.  Ranks right up there with Yikes....


But onto our hodgepodge.



After shearing we load up the fleeces (wrapped in those lovely sheets) and stuff them into our small pickup that spends lots of its time, now late in life, being a storage facility.  At some point soon I need to set up a skirting table and start to skirt and sort the fiber.  Its a lovely job, but one that requires the right day and the right mood.  In the meantime the fiber whispers to me.


A friend who lives a distance away finally asked me the big question... where do we put all those rabbits?  So I thought I'd give a very quick, down and dirty (you'll see what I mean) tour.  Our small barn is approximately 12X 30.  At one time it held hay and sheep, then hay and rabbits, now just rabbits.  The sheep still remember and tend to stand at the doorways and look a little sad.  Of course they are comfortable in their own additions, but they seem to think that the rabbits have the top real estate.



This is one aisle in the barn.  We do the deep bedding method, and of course I took photos the day before a seasonal shovel out.  Really... scouts honor.



This is the large unit in the very front of the barn.  I move litters into this for the few weeks before weaning and seperating into other cages.  This photo has four Satin Angora litters in it.  They have since moved to less populated cages, and the unit has been cleaned, and another four litters moved in. 



A view across the room.



This is the other side of the room... with a wall of stacking cages and condos. 




This is a trio of cages on the side of the barn in an enclosed room that the woolies have access to.  Ladies in waiting and youths often overflow to this location.



This is the Annex next to the shop where we have yet another overflow space.  Many of the "extra" or "backup" bucks hang out here.  Its also the area where the chickens live.  Because of that one set of cages wears a hat, and the other is hanging extra high - to discourage the chickens from trying to get on top of the cages.  Not only does that make for messy rabbits, but can lead to several diseases that chickens carry that can affect rabbits.


But this year we've amped up, and our regular overflow just isn't enough.  Note:  we also have a hanging trio up at the house for angoras waiting for the hair dresser and new rabbits in quarrantine.  No photos of that one though.



So the rabbits have started to take over the garden.  This is what I call the rabbit corridor...  7 cages under a roof extension to the shop on one side with a hutch with two extra large cages on the other. 



A view from the other side of the large hutch... with the cherry tree in bloom.  Its a scenic spot for young buns.  Once the tree leafs out it should help with shade and protection in the months to come.



And on the other side of the same tree is the last group of cages... four under cover that will enjoy the same shade.  And yes, I really, REALLY appreciate my husband and his skills and willingness to bring some of my visions to reality.



So we have a bit of permaculture here.  Rabbits who eat and drop fertilizer to the ground where the chickens till it in.  And our garden has a visitor that comes on a daily basis.  If he wasn't so handsome I'd be less welcoming.  His purpose seems to be to come and preen and stomp on our garlic.



And on that note I'll stop my hodgepodging here.  Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to use "hodgepodge" conversationally at least once in the next week.  Yikes!

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Reply Joni
10:58 AM on May 4, 2010 
Holy Moly! (you're not the only one that can use old timey phrases!) So, how many rabbits is that again? :) Joni
Reply daisydeva
1:22 PM on May 4, 2010 
"ALOT" is that a technical enough term? Less than 300, but with litters we are probably over 200 at the moment. Our core breeding stock is somewhere around 50. I work very hard at not having a firm answer to that question so that when my husband asks... I can say "gee, I just don't really know".
Reply Lana
2:07 AM on May 6, 2010 
Hodgepodge is a fantastic word! I use it as often as possible. It ranks right up there with persnickety and donnybrook.....I use those as well. My family enjoyed seeing where it is I disappear to every few months. Now it's not such a mystery. :)