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Posted on May 27, 2010 at 10:56 PM

Well on my new resolution of not apologizing... I wouldn't dare suggest that I'm sorry for having let a few of you visit repeatedly with nothing new in the blog.  Even if I was - though I'm not really saying that I am.  Enough of that.  Its time to play a little catch up.  I have some photos... we're just going to wander through them. 

I'd suggest you'd fasten your seat belt, but really we're pretty tame around here... you can even wear open toed shoes for this meander (your word for the week).  Lets start with a quick puzzler.



What is this mess?  I call it Seasonal 2.  It is the dregs of the frozen water of winter, the sign of a seasonal shift in the rabbitry.  We have a nice week or two between this and the next season which is filled with fans and frozen water bottles (on purpose this time).  And a reminder to myself that I like living in a place with four distinct seasons.  I do.  We opened up the barn and removed the blockades from door ways and the weather promptly dropped 40 degrees.  I love the unpredictability of our springtimes - no, not really. 



Backtrack to mid-May and the IERBA (Inland Empire Rabbit Breeders Association) Show in Davenport.  This is our little corner of the room.  Minus the garbage cans... they were provided by the fairgrounds.  Do you think they were suggesting something?  We took down 6 carriers.  And 2  tables to park them on, and two chairs to sit on, and several bags of "stuff" that always seems necessary when I'm packing to go.  See, we had no room to bring the garbage cans too.



This would be my gratuitous shot of the rest of the room.  The host club was a bit surprised at the turn out.  It was cozy.  But really, I've not been to a rabbit show that didn't seem cozy.  Perhaps rabbits and rabbit folk are just very social.  Could that be why there are so many rabbits?



This is part of the colored Satin Angora competition.  A lovely gathering.  A few of these live here.



This is the other end of the table, where the white SA's were hanging out.  A couple of those live here too.  Some of these rabbits did very well.  Some were learning experiences.  Life... as we meander through it is always a learning experience.



This is Kittitas out on the grooming stand where she's just got a fluff and blow (there's got to be a better way to phrase that).  Doesn't she look like she's learning something?  She came home to have a hair cut and get knocked up (ok, change to the sneakers that protect the toes now!).  Actually several furfolks have the same plan.   Even at least one Champagne d'Argent lady - Lottie,  and Lacy the American Chinchilla, had similar plans - minus the hair cut.  In fact I pointed out to Chuck how guiltless and how much spare time I'd have if all we had were short haired rabbits.  Perhaps like Kilgore - who took BOB in Show B.   Not to be outdone by Kadbury (the SA) who took BOB in Show A.  Course Kadbury came home to get a hair cut too.  A summer crew cut seems in order.


Last weekend we added a few new woolies to the flock.  I can hear a few of you say "didn't you have enough?"  What is the definition of enough?  Food for thought... all relative, let the question just sit there in your mind for a moment or three.  But this is part of my quest for a llama cria.  The initial equation requires at least a mother and a father.  We have several fatherly types.  Running a bit short on the motherly side.



Enter Poppy, the lovely llama lady on the left.  Hopefully she'll become interested in one of our manly woolies and make me the wee llama cria I seek.  Oh sure, there are other female llamas here.  And to be honest - Ellie may be in the family way (hard to tell with her girlish figure).  But both Dusty and Peaches seem to have decided that the motherhood ship has sailed long ago for them. 


The attractive young man on the right is Ollie.  He's a young gelding and came as a companion to Poppy.  We will be looking for a farm needing a guardian for him.  I suspect he'll charm his new owners as much as he has me.  We also got a llama harness as part of this relocation deal.  So in my "spare time" I can train one of our llamas to pull a cart.  A cart that we'll have to start looking and saving for.


Spare time may be approaching sooner than later - as I have been laid off work.  I suspect that the million and one items that already live on my "when I have time" list will flow into that opening and make me wonder how I ever fit it all in before.   I am looking forward to renewing my connectedness to aspects of my deeper self as well. 


And who knows... maybe I'll blog a bit more often.  I suspect you'll see a difference.

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