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What I did on my Summer Vacation

Posted on June 16, 2010 at 9:35 AM

OK, a little too soon to say for sure in its entirety.... but so far, its rained, alot.  And I've been sick, alot.  Yeah!  I think I remember some summer vacations starting this way in my youth.  The big build up to the last day of the school year, the delicious thoughts of sun and scheduless days... only to be dashed by a nasty summer cold and liquid falling from the sky day after day.  Yep, so far we've had a lot of that.


But what it has done is made our world GREEN.  Spring in my corner of the Universe is always the best season to see us - because as the heat hits the lushness gives way to a dreary brown.  And fire season, but I don't want to go to such thoughts.  But this spring has been life giving in its rain, and the summer has started much of the same way.  We all hope that it will help with the fact that the area didn't get its fair share of snow load this past winter.  During winter that all seems well and good, and sorta nice... but come summer we start to pay for a mild year.


This past weekend found Chuck and I up near the Canadian border (OK, we were practically standing ON the Canadian border) doing a bunny delivery.  I hope the buns are hale and hearty Andrea!  And being the wanderers that we are, we had to take a scenic route home.   One of those... well this road seems to be headed in the right direction sorts of thing.  And I remembered to take the camera along.  So come, enjoy the green.



I love old buildings... so had to capture this one (its there way in the back....).




Can you just feel the green?  And there was a whole lot of sunshine that day too.



One of my postcard shots of the Laurier Valley.



That is the Kettle River way below us, at this point it is flowing south - but the same river on the other side of a small mountain range (the mountains are tall, but the range is small) actually flows north - which messes with a persons sense of reality when you fnally figure out "whats wrong with this picture."



Yes, this is actually a photo of the fence.  I fell in love with what they had done with this fence.  It has slats woven into it.  As a sheep person that looked so helpful!  Sheep are capable of climbing through fences.  This method would not only make it so much more difficult for them, but it would tighten the fence in the process.  Plus, it just looks pretty darn cool wandering down a dirt road.



What sometimes happens when you just start to wander is you find a dead end.  This small homestead at the end of this road that we apparently took the "fork less traveled"... was so appealing.  Of course it was the place with THE fence, which helped.  Chuck was all for checking it out, but it sure looked to me like someone actually enjoyed it full time so we just enjoyed it from afar.  Imagine how this field would be improved if it was full of sheep and llamas!


After going up another fork that narrowed, and narrowed, and went into the National Forest.  We had to manuever and pick our way around a half dozen or so vehicles that were towing downed trees out onto the road to cut up for firewood on a pretty skinny spot... did I mention that the road was narrow (think old driveway that no one uses).  We kept going deeper and deeper into the woods.  Its times like these on the wanders that my faith in my internal directional system starts to falter just a little bit.  Because my personal issue is - I don't ever want to back track, and we'd already hit one dead end.  The only one for the day as far as I was concerned. 


But look what was at the "top" of that long and narrow road.  Summit Lake, appropriate name.



The fish were jumping, though it was all very still in this particular photograph.



Look at the shades of green in the reflection.  I thought they were amazing.



And finally, the gratitious promo shot for the fine, surefooted beast that took us there and back to civilization again.  Our Honda CRV Haley.  Yes, our vehicles have names - don't yours?

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Reply Joanne Block
12:29 PM on October 19, 2010 
What a great tip about the slats woven in the fence!