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Posted on July 8, 2010 at 5:37 PM

So we have confirmed the fact that not going to work does not mean more blogging.   Or at least not so far.  What can I say... I've been busy.  I couldn't list off what I've been busy doing, though I could give you a partial list of what I've been busy NOT doing -

Not dusting

Not vaccuming

Not gardening

Not cleaning up the front porch

Not accomplishing much of anything so it seems


But I have been doing a lot of wondering what I've been doing.  No, I'm still sane, or at least I THINK I'm still sane.  Just having some time management issues.


So let me take you on another one of my random photo wanders of the past few weeks.  Keep in mind that I haven't hauled out the camera much in the past few weeks - so there will be some major gaps.  Of course refer to the last paragraph - I'm not sure there was much to photograph anyway.  Stream of consciousness writing... hang in there!



Our fiber guild had a fiber echange.  In February we provided  6oz. of fiber to a randomly selected spinner.  In April that spinner turned over the spun yarn to a randomly selected finisher.  In June the finished projects were turned over to the original donor.  This is my finished project that I did.  It is camel yarn.  Just camel, nothing else.  I made a felted purse (which can also be worn as a belt bag), change purse and glasses case.  The finishing portion of a fiber exchange always is my biggest challenge.  I was literally (as in most things) was working up to the last minute.




The vast majority of the last part of the month was in preparation for the Washington State Rabbit Convention (or recovering from the said convention).  This year I entered 8 rabbits, but took 8 carriers of rabbits.  Three tables and a box of fiber... and barely fit into the car myself.  Thank goodness for bungee cords!


We did good, bad and middlin'...  Satin Angoras did well.  First show on Saturday our boy Logan took best of opposite sex of variety (to the eventual Best of Breed) and our guy Lincoln took Best of Variety and Best of Opposite Sex of the breed.  At the show on Sunday with a different judge the high point was Lincoln coming in at the same spot as he did on Saturday.  And to think he was a last minute addition I made (perhaps I need to listen to that intuition a bit earlier on!).


Champagnes were my middlin' group.  Our man Lentil was a bit too young, and got placed near the bottom because of that.  By Sunday Katrina was one cranky hot lady rabbit.  She has one more show to attend and then she'll be retired to the nursery... which she is in the mood to try.  Kilgore, my shinning star, got a bit of an ego blow (as did I) when he placed mid-class on Saturday.  But he recovered and won his class, and also finished his Grand Championship, on Sunday.  He did lose Best of Breed, but we're happy with the class win.  He'll also go in one more show (this Saturday in Sandpoint ID), though he's starting to molt to a summer coat and will be counted down for that.



But we went, we enjoyed, we survived, and we came back home.  Home to find a surprise.  Chuck (bless his sweet self) had been working while we were away - putting down flooring.  Its been several years since we had flooring in the living room.  As some of my earlier blog photos attested to.  So to have FLOORS again, its heaven. 



This photo lets you see the sub floor vs. the finished floor.  Now which would you choose?  It has since moved across the living room to a point where he just has about five feet to finish on the other side of the room.  And then we will have floors all over the house.  Simple pleasures!


But as is the case in many situations along with the good came the chaos...



This is what the other side of the room looked like.  And, well, much of it still looks like that (refer to first part of this blog post).  But as soon as things are done... or perhaps sooner, I will find a home for all this homeless clutter.  Soon, or at least eventually.  In the meantime I LOVE my new floors.



This is Shadow on the porch amongst the hop vines... on the 4th of July.  Isn't it just one of the most obvious photos depicting summer?  It is to me.  A warm dusty cat in the sunshine.  The 4th also saw us fencing off the front portion of the "yard" and letting the woolies in to beat back the grass and underbrush. 



Good grief, the gate is open!



And the hungry woolies start working on the green food with gusto.



Another photo to suggest to Honda... a CRV holding its own against the woolies.



Or this one of the forest Leicesters Mike and Victor.  Note, Victor needs a larger coat - he shouldn't look like a sausage in a casing.



Woodland Camelids caught in their natural habitat.



Or one small sheep bottom disappearing into the underbrush.  They've done their darndest to get this eaten down, and have accomplished much.  Several items that were not "technically" sheep or camelid food disappeared in the process.  But what has been accomplished to the good outweighs the demise of several decorative plants. 

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Reply Shannon Henry
12:00 AM on July 9, 2010 
Sue - Your site is beautiful! You are talented w/your words - "voice" if you're in my classroom! I laughed outloud when I "heard" you notice the gate being opened!!! Funny from my standpoint, 180 miles away and hours after your discovery! You bunnies all look beautiful and I don't care what the judges say ... they just weren't paying close enough attention! Hugs to you and Chuck, and all of your critters - Shannon