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Posted on July 22, 2010 at 5:13 PM

Yes, we are still alive and kicking. 


Yes, we have been home this whole time.  The whole time you've not heard from us.


Yes, we've been busy with summer stuff.  Rabbit shows, rabbit processing, hot afternoon naps.


I'm going to run through this very fast - so pay attention.  Note:  If you're happy with the thought that your meat grows on trees, or in a plastic bin in the back of your local grocery store... you might want to avoid parts of this posting.  I've tried to keep things clean and non-offensive, but I know its hard to read the truth.  By the way, the toothfairy - not really real.  Sorry, but someone needed to break the news.  Now Santa - he really does exist.  He laid more of the flooring in our living room!



Please excuse the photo quality.  I'm using one of the first generation (OK, maybe the early 2nd)  digital cameras.  Sadly being held together by duct tape at this point.  Don't laugh - it still works.  Sorta.  Anyway, the flooring now stretches clear across the living room to just about 5 feet from its ultimate goal.  It is darn lovely.


Of course the chaos is still there, but I'm now just lumping it all together as Clutter.  Yes, it is a huge issue, and it seems to be spreading....  perhaps a few elves could visit from the North Pole and help with some of this Stuff (stuff with a capital S).  I had photos and was going to post them... until I looked at them again.  I decided the only thing that would accomplish is to make you worry about me and my housekeeping skills (or lack thereof).  So I'll keep them to myself. 


A few more photos that didn't make it into the catch up entry... was a few photos of the trio of young rabbits that came home with me from Ellensburg.  I got a New Zealand white doe, now named Lola who will have a date this fall with Kiwi our black New Zealand buck.  She carries the gene for blue... perhaps I should scout around for a red  New Zealand  so we could have red,  white and blue?  Or perhaps black, white and red all over....  Sorry, its a silly rabbit lady's wandering.  We also got a new Champagne buck, now named Layne.  He came all the way from Victoria BC.



I also brought back a young American Chinchilla buck, now named Luke... who is from the Salem Oregon area originally.



They've all been staying up at the house in our quarrantine space off the front deck.


A bit funky perhaps... which just means it fits in around here.


Last week I became a licensed commercial processor of rabbits.  It allows us to sell rabbit meat for human consumption in WA State.  It actually took a fair amount of effort to get the license, and I'm pleased that we met all the requirements and can now move forward.  We processed 40 rabbits in the Mobile Processing Unit.  Without the MPU we wouldn't have passed for our license.  Thank goodness Stevens County is progressive in this fashion!




Thats a friend of mine at the back of the unit.  She did the actual kill, bleed and skin (now I warned you squeamish ones!), then passed them inside to me.  I removed all the "extra" parts, and put them to chill.  Then after they were cooled way down, they were bagged.  Later we weighed and tagged them.





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Reply Joni
12:37 PM on July 23, 2010 
the flooring is looking super! Almost done!

So when you want to use the mobile processing unit, do you just call and reserve it? I presume there is a fee for that? Do you have to go pick it up, or do they bring it to you? Did you sell all of these ones to the restaurant that wanted the organic bunnies, or are these for you? Looks like a really interesting operation!
Reply Andrea
11:45 PM on July 24, 2010 
Hey Sue, just wondering at what age you butchered and what the average weight of your rabbits was? I have been raising meat rabbits for about a year now.