Bouncer Staff Bouncer Staff Farley Llama. This is THE MAN (well, minus some equipment). But he's the guy in charge. He's the decision maker of the flock. 9233699 Ellie Llama/Alpaca cross. The lone female, and the fiestiest of the group. Hard as nails where dogs are concerned. 9233700 Francis Llama/Alpaca cross. Deaf. Our first guardian, and we had to find a guardian for him... He's a sweet fella. 9233708 Peaches A very beautiful Llama Lady. She borders on the verge of being a suri llama in some of her fiber. 26665028 Kyrie's Face A nice head shot of our man Kyrie, with Peaches looking on. 50439194 Farley - Close Up He's a darn handsome fellow - don't you think? 26666352