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Our auxilary team members are included in the Photo Gallery.  The Wooly Staff, the Bouncer Staff, the Enforcement Staff, and the Support Staff have their own albums there.  Click on their photos to see a description of who they are.

Sue is a mild mannered social worker during the work week, the brains and imagination behind the farm the rest of the time.  She is a collector of fiber equipment and books - with the idea that SOMEDAY she'll have spare time and energy to put towards those items. 

 Chuck works at a local hardware store, he's the brawn and the rational thinker of the operation.  He also collects things for those SOMEDAY moments... his relate to woodworking and blacksmithing. 

This photo was taken on our wedding day, July 8, 2006.  The ceremony took place at the edge of a mountain meadow in a cedar grove, and was magical.  Good things come to those that continue to dream... 


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